The sculpture collection at the “Hristo Tsokev” art gallery represents a vast outlook upon the development of the Bulgarian plastic tradition. Despite its small number of units it has, compared to the other collections of the gallery, the “Sculpture” fund contains notable names from the most - active and important generations of artists in Bulgaria. 

An integral part of the museum pieces, which are present in the “Sculpture” fund, are acquired through GAE “Man and labor” (1974-1988) and the donation by Botio Barakov (1993), but an important part of it, are also donations and purchases from local authors. 

The forming of a holistic idea about the Bulgarian sculptural art, is extremely complicated, as outside schools, traditions and in general tendencies in the world art, all have had influence on it. A large part of the most famous and established names, such as Andrey Nikolov and Liubomir Dalchev specialize in Italy and other western countries. Furthermore, the artworks from the socialist epoch contain, not only the ideological directions of their time, but also a multitude of modernistic influences. All these dynamic processes form the outlook of the Bulgarian plastic tradition, which also brings within itself, strata from the ancient cultures, which were inhabiting our lands. These factors, definitely, create its unarguable uniqueness. 

Looking at the sculptural collection in the gallery, we get the impression, that several basic groups of authors, from different generations, are represented. Andrey Nikolov, Marko Markov, Ivan Mandov, for example are bearers of the classical vision of the figural. Following are Liubomir Dalchev, Krum Damianov, Pavel Koichev, Galin Malakchiev, Panaiot Dimitrov, Mitio Solakov, Kancho Tsanev, who rethink the shape, using the symbolism of the mystical, the mythologies of the Balkans, and the history of Bulgaria. On the other hand, Angel Stanev, Margarita Pueva, Emil Popov, Ziatin Nuriev, Ivan Rusev, Bogomil Zhivkov, Vezhdy Rashidov are forming the perspective for the contemporary Bulgarian sculpture. The dimensions and contributions of these authors are of a national significance, as the Bulgarian sculptural art is not a separate and unattached, concerning the world tendencies in culture and arts. 

Ph.D. Deyan Boev

Translation by Nikolay Georgiev