In the first edition of National exhibition “SPRING SALON OF THE WOMEN ARTISTS”, in 2019, a total of 62 authors participated, represented with 100 artworks – paintings, graphics, photographs, collages, sculptures etc.

A jury, consisting of Evgeni Nedev, Ivan Hristov – Groga, and Nikolay Tsvetanov selected those nominated and those awarded.

In the category for Young author, the prize was given to Denitsa Dakova from Sofia for the sculpture artwork “Decade”.

Carrier of the Grand award was Dimka Stavreva from Blagoevgrad, for the painting “Night”.

The nominated in the category for Young author are: Natasha Noeva – Tutrakan, Nevena Lefterova – Liaskovets, Snezhana Nedelcheva – Genova – Sofia.

Those with nomination for the Grand award in the “Spring salon of the women artists” are: Ana Topalova – Blagoevgrad, Amalia Mincheva – Gabrovo, Galina Pavlova – Sofia, Ema Verterova – Gabrovo, Maria Aleksieva – Burgas, Martina Karaivanova – Veliko Tarnovo.


In the second edition of the National exhibition “SPRING SALON OF THE WOMEN ARTISTS”, organized by the “Hristo Tsokev” art gallery, with the support of the UBA, a total of 95 participants with 149 works in different kinds and genres.

An elite jury with chairman prof. Ph d in arts Antoaneta Ancheva, members Ph d Atanas Totliakov and Evgeni Nedev has defined the following nominations, after evaluating the artworks:

In the category of young author:

Tsveta Plamenova Petrova, for the painting “Antique… not so antique III”

Gergana Ivailova Balabanova, for the painting “At dawn”

Nikoleta Krasimirova Ivanova, for the painting “Threads”

Natasha Mitkova Noeva, for the two works “A distant coast” and “Anticipation”

Nominated for the award of the “Hristo Tsokev” art gallery:

“Violeta Iordanova Apostolova for the paintings “Faith I” and “Faith II”

Tatiana Pachgina for the paintings “White monkey” and “Pink monkey”

Tatiana Antonova for the paintings “Still life I” and “Still life II”

Anelia Nikolova Raikova for the works “Part three: the Craving” and “Itineraries in the trepidation of the morning”

Lora Georgieva Ianeva for the works “Black triangle” and “Excitement”

Rada Damianova Iakova for the work “Lost”

The following awards were also granted:

In the category of young author: Natsha Mitkova Noeva for the artwork “Distant coast”;

Award of the “Hristo Tsokev” art gallery: Violeta Iordanova Apostolova for the works “Faith I” and “Faith II”.

The “Hristo Tsokev” art gallery team, has handed an additional award, which was not stated in the regulations – a participation in the National painting plein air “BOZHENTSI” to Tsveta Plamenova Petrova for the work “Antique… not so antique III”.

For our sincerest apology, due to the state of emergency and the given recommendation, by the Council for medical insurance and calamities, and catastrophies at the RHI – Gabrovo, the official opening of the exhibition did not take place. The nominated and the awarded artists, were declared on the website of the gallery, facebook and in the media, as it was outlined in the status of the exhibition.

The vast exposition was introduced in the halls of “prof. Kancho Tsanev” and “prof. Mincho Minchev” on two of the floors of the gallery.

Translation by Nikolay Georgiev