international pleiners

The international painting plein air “Bozhentsi” has its beginning during the year of 1975, and with little interruptions it carries on until today.

Thanks to it a rich collection of contemporary Bulgarian as well as international art is formed in the fund of the “Hristo Tsokev” art gallery. In the years of its existence the plein air plays the role of a meeting hub for cultural exchange between artists with different styles and worldviews. Notable Bulgarian artists such as: Magda Abazova, Toma Trifonovsky, Suleiman Seferov, Nadezhda Kuteva, Ivailo Mirchev, Andrey Daniel, Gredi Assa, Dimitar Grozdanov, Vihroni Popnedelev and others, take part in it.

With their own contribution to the enrichment of the collection, remarkable international artists stand out such as: Zoltan Lenkey, Johan Kalman, Ivany Iodon from Hungary; Peter Shmaha – Czech Republic; Valeriu Boborelu and Bogdan Pietrich from Romania; Thomas Richter – Germany.

Nelly Nedeva

Translation by Nikolay Georgiev