During 1974, the first Collective art exhibition on a labor topic is opened in Gabrovo, and after nearly three decades of interruption the town is once again a host to an event of such character – National triennial for contemporary paintings “Bridges”.

The idea for the triennial existed back in 2016 and its realization is the result of the initiative and the work of the team of “Hristo Tsokev” art gallery. A long interrupted tradition is recreated and Gabrovo is once again a centre for the contemporary artistic work. The awarded paintings will remain in the fund of the gallery, thus enriching the treasury of artworks and remaining for the upcoming generations.

The exhibition is complemented by the publishing of a full catalogue of the works of the participants.

The Ministry of culture, Gabrovo Municipality and the Union of Bulgarian artists, are attracted as partners of the triennial. The exhibition is conducted under the patronage of the Major of Gabrovo Municipality.

As many as 101 artists, with 174 works took place in the National triennial. From them, after evaluation of a jury, consisting of seven members (as follows: Lora Atanasova – Ministry of culture, Stefan Ganev – Gabrovo Municipality, prof. Ivan Kanchev – “Hristo Tsokev” art gallery, Delia Chausheva – UBA, Ralitsa Ignatova – UBA, Nikola Nikolov – UBA, Ivan Hristov – Groga – UBA), approved for participation are 99 works of 64 artists (12 authors from Gabrovo, Sevlievo – 4, Triavna – 2).

Approved for participation in the National triennial “Bridges” 2017 are: Anatoliy Stankulov, Angel Gadzhev, Andrey Ianev, Anelia Boiadzhieva, Anna Topalova, Anton Antonov, Anton Kolev, Biliana Bachvarova, Blagovesta Zheliazkova, Boriana Chaparova, Valentin Asenov, Valentin Stoychev, Valentin Topalov, Valentin Uzunov, Valia Georgieva, Vasko Vasilev, Velin Dechkov, Veronika Iakimova, Veselin Damianov, Vesko Velev, Georgi Popov, Deian Boev, Diana Iordanova, Diliana Belcheva, Dimitrinka Grancharova, Dimitar Georgiev, Dimitar Karatonev, Dona Nedelcheva, Evgeni Nedev, Ema Verterova, Ivan Velchev, Ivan Milushev, Ivan Hristov – Groga, Ivelina Ivanova, Katia Hristova, Konstantin Markov, Kosta Donchev, Magdalena Iotova, Marieta Konova, Martina Karaivanova, Militsa Iankova, Minio Bonev, Nikifor Apostolov, Nikola Stoimenov, Nikolay Dobrev, Nikolay Todorov, Nikolay Tsvetanov, Nina Ruseva, Pepa Mincheva, Plamen Kondov, Rosen Donchev, Rositsa Miladinova Pencheva, Rumen Deshev, Rumen Petkov, Svetlana Koseva, Stefan Monev, Todor Zahariev, Hinko Hinkov, Hristina Georgieva, Hristo Genev, Hristo Tsolev, Tsanko Tsankov, Tsvetan Kolev, Iavor Kostadinov.

Nominated for award are 24 authors – Angel Gadzhev, Andrey Ianev, Anna Topalova, Anton Antonov, Valentin Topalov, Valentin Uzunov, Veselin Damianov, Dimitar Karatonev, Dona edelcheva, Evgeni Nedev, Ema Verterova, Ivelina Ivanova, Katia Hristova, Kosta Donchev, Martina Karaivanova, Nina Ruseva, Rosen Donchev, Rumen Deshev, Svetlana Koseva, Todor Zahariev, Hinko Hinkov, Tsanko Tsankov, Tsvetan Kolev, Iavor Kostadinov.

The topic about ”The bridge” on which the paintings are based, is observed in two aspects: In a philosophical aspect it is an expression of the eternal wish of the man to overcome, to conquer, to get to know, to connect. Consequence of their striving for defying divisions, boundaries, barriers, chasms.

In the second aspect it is observed, as one of the most – important facilities, built by man. It is more important and more stable than the houses and more sacred than the temples, because it is more accessible. It belongs to everyone (no matter of age, nationality, race, religion) and it’s the same for everybody. It overcomes distances, built always there, where the most human needs and destinies.

The awarded artists in the National triennial “Bridges” for 2017 are:

Award of Gabrovo Municipality – 1000 lv. and a diploma. The right to a solo exhibition in “Hristo Tsokev” art gallery during the next calendar year for Kosta Donchev “All souls’ day”. The distinction was handed personally by the major of town Mrs. Tania Hristova.

Award of the Ministry of culture – 1000 lv. and a diploma – for Tsvetan Kolev “Lights”.

Award of “Hristo Tsokev” art gallery – 800 lv. and a diploma – for Donka Nedelcheva “Subjects”. The distinction was handed personally by the managing director of the gallery Evgeni Nedev.

Award of “Hristo Tsokev” art gallery for a young author (up to 35 years old) – 500 lv. And a diploma – for Iavor Kostadinov “Danube bridge I and II. Variation VII”. The distinction was handed by the managing director of the gallery Evgeni Nedev.

Award of the Governor of district Gabrovo – plaque – for Ema Verterova “Butterfly”. The distinction was handed by the district governor Mrs. Nevena Petkova.

Award of Directors’ office of “National park Central Balkan” (honorary certificate and five-day stay in “Mazalat” hut) – for Todor Zahariev “Quiet earth”.

Award of the UBA (painting of Ivan Ninov, from the fund of the UBA) – for Rumen Deshev.

An idea, for the next edition of the triennial is of it to expand its range and to include not only paintings, but also graphic works and sculpture.

On November the 3rd 2017 (Friday), at 17:30 o’clock at the “Hristo Tsokev” art gallery, “prof. Mincho Minchev” hall, the exhibition was officially opened, and it will remain for the public to enjoy up to 17th December 2017.


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